Feng Shui Tips for Beginners


Feng Shui is one of the techniques used in decoration, which is based on a Chinese philosophy of more than 3,500 years. Its literal translation is “wind and water”. The fundamental idea of ​​this discipline is the conscious and harmonious use of spaces.

Feng Shui aims to keep the energy of the person in balance, through the distribution of the objects of the house and the orientation of the spaces of your home or your workplace.

In this article, we will give you some basic Feng Shui advice that you will be able to easily apply in your home and benefit from this discipline’s wisdom.

Fundamental Tips of Feng Shui

Keep order and cleanliness

According to Feng Shui, everything has energy, and it must flow freely. For this it is essential that you keep your home clean, tidy and free of disused objects.

This point also includes avoiding having broken or bad-looking objects.

Feng shui uses all 5 elements

The fire element attracts passion and motivation. The element of water, wisdom. The metal, clarity. The wood element brings energy and renewal. The earth, brings stability and strength.

Welcome home

The entrance to the home should be an invitation to enter and stay. The door area should give a feeling of spaciousness. It is recommended to have a good illumination, for this it is preferable to choose light colours or white for this area

It is also important to decorate the place with objects that generate a feeling of well-being, such as flowers. Punctually, the elements associated with the water element attract good fortune, and that is what we want to enter the home. Do not place a mirror pointing directly at the door as it will cause the energy to bounce off.

These recommendations also apply to all the entrances of the different rooms of the house. For good things to enter, the entrances should not be obstructed.

Feng Shui Tips by Room


Our kitchen

It is important that the kitchen has a door, to be able to separate its energy from that of the other parts of the house. The stove should not point towards the door, if this is the case in your house you can put a mirror to compensate for it.

The main decorative objects for the kitchen are those related to metal and wood. 

If the kitchen is completely white, you must include decorative objects of colours such as yellow, orange, red or green, to balance, otherwise it falls into an excess of coldness.

The living room

The living room should be conducive to spending positive moments. According to feng sui, it is one of the places in the house with the highest flow of energy. It is important to include objects related to nature, such as plants, flowers or wooden objects in the decoration. You must ensure that the space has good ventilation and is very well illuminated.

It is very essential that the television is not visible, there is special furniture for that purpose. Nor should you point the back of the armchairs at the entrances.

About the bathroom

It is the area of ​​the house where the energies leak the most. This characteristic is compensated by taking certain points into consideration. The entrance door to the bathroom should not point to the doors of the kitchen or the entrance to the home.

The decorative objects of the wood element and the plants are the best allies of the bathroom. For decoration, black, blue and white should be avoided, preferring earth colours.

Ideally, the bathroom should not be in the centre of the house, but if this is your case, make up for it by preventing the toilet and the mirror sink from being seen as soon as you open the bathroom door.

Time to sleep

The bedroom is very important because it is the place where we rest. The headboard of the bed is very important, it should be on a wall away from the front door and also on a wall that has no windows. Mirrors in front of the bed or in the entrance door should be avoided.

To decorate, choose light colours that invite you to relax. The bedroom is for sleeping, to avoid having work, exercise and even entertainment spaces there. It is recommended not to have a television in this room.


Following these simple tips, the chi energy will flow harmoniously through your home or work space. All the energies of your home balanced and flowing freely will generate a great environment to enhance the well-being of those who inhabit it.

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