How to Hang Pictures: The Definitive Guide


Although it may seem like a simple task, hanging a painting is much more than placing a nail and simply hanging our photograph or work of art.

First, it is important to know where we will place the picture. We must take into consideration the decoration of the rest of the room where the wall is where we will hang the picture and see if it is according to this.

It is also essential to think about what we do in the room where we will hang the picture. Is it a workplace? Is it a place of rest? Or is it a place for social gatherings and leisure?

Depending on all this we can choose what type of picture or artwork we will put, perhaps modern, abstract, black and white or landscape art.

Important Tips to Hang your Pictures properly

  • If it is about large paintings and that therefore will have a great role in the decoration, it is important that they are well centred and are appropriate to the rest of the room.

  • It is important that if the painting is on top of a sofa, bed or furniture of any kind, it is at a distance of between 15 and 25 centimetres away from it.

  • The painting should not exceed the width of the furniture that it accompanies, a ratio of two thirds of the size of the furniture is recommended.

  • If you are going to place more than one painting, keep in mind that the distance between them must be proportional to their size. That is, smaller frames, less distance between them. A minimum of 6 to 8 centimetres is always recommended.

  • In case the painting is going to be on a wall with no furniture, the recommendation is that it be at eye level, an average of 150 centimetres is calculated.

  • Although it seems obvious, it is important that the frame is not crooked, for this you can help yourself on a level-tool.

Hang your Pictures in Five simple Steps

Place-your-picture-in-five-simple- steps
  1. Once you have chosen the correct place for your picture, test the position by resting it on the wall while you hold it with your hands.

  2. Then with a pencil, gently mark the position of the picture. At this point, you can help yourself with a tape measure to avoid making mistakes.

  3. Check behind the frame of your picture the measurement that will be between the place of the nail and the hanging cable of the picture to calculate precisely where the nail will go. In this step, you can hook the tape measure to the hanging cable of the picture and position it on the wall to obtain the correct measurement.

  4. With the measurement you obtained in the previous step marked, proceed to place a nail or a screw. According to the type of wall in your home, you should choose between using a hammer to simply place a nail, or a drill to place a dowel and screw. It is very important at this point to verify the size and type of nail / screw so that it resists the weight of the painting that we will hang.

  5. Finally, you can now hang your painting. Try to do it in a focused way, if this is difficult you can help yourself by using a level tool.

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