Interior Colour Schemes for 2022


Every year, the trends in terms of colours for interior decoration vary. It is the different brands and magazines with authority on the subject that set the pace of these changes and year after year announce their predictions about the colour schemes that will lead the trend for the new year.

Knowing the current colour scheme trends can help us choose the perfect colour to give a fresh air to our environments or to give it a more modern and updated identity. The key is to find in these trends the colours that resonate most with ourselves and with that sensation that we want to highlight in our home.

In this article, we will tell you which are the colours that will be the protagonists of interior decoration in this year.

Earth colours: Brown, Beige & White

This year will be characterised by a tendency to the colours of the earth, all those colours that refer to nature will be in the place number one in the recommendations.

Brown, beige and white and their nuances, from warm to intense, are the main colours of this 2022.


This colour scheme for interior design, aimed at the natural, will be accompanied by other decorative elements with the same profile. Wood, cork and plants will be the main allies of this range of colours.

Also curved furniture, mirrors and artisanal or handmade objects will accompany these colours. The key of the year will be to turn the interior of our homes or work spaces into a space to connect with nature and the outside, after living so much confinement due to the global health situation.

Joy and Relax: Blue and Purple

Continuing with the colours, purple blue will be another great protagonist, bringing joy and at the same time a touch of relaxation. Blue also provides freshness and a sensation of hope to the room where it is.

Nature: Red, Yellow & Green

Green in its bay leaf hue is also on the list of colours for 2022, along with the avocado hue. Once again, a colour that connects us with nature.

Yellow, in its most golden or sunny hue, is also among those chosen for 2022. Ideal for large spaces where joy will intensify, sunny yellow comes to bring optimism and vitality.

The red incarnadine is also among the colour palette of 2022 to bring its vital force, its deep connection with the earth and its Mediterranean touch.


How can I complement them?

Other colours that will be part of the decorative trend of the year 2022 will be pastel tones and others with a vintage touch, such as stone blue. All this seeks that sensation of calm of reconnection with the primitive and natural, leaving behind the feeling of rush of modern life and its demands.

All light tones and white are also among the most chosen for 2022. These types of colours are used to highlight and emphasise light, giving a feeling of spaciousness and naturalness. This returns to the point of looking for the interior space to be more similar to the exterior or to better recreate the sensation that being outdoors generates.


In short, according to decoration experts, during 2022 the trends will point to colours that make us feel at peace, relaxed and fulfilled. For this reason, all the soft tones and the colours of nature will be the best options for those who wish to renew their environments.

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