Nursery Decor Ideas


The arrival of a new baby in the family is a very important event. Emotion and anxiety intermingle while waiting for the new member of the family. There are many preparations and things that must be organised for this moment, and one of them is the preparation of the newborn’s personal and rest space.

That is why in this article we bring you nursery decor ideas that will be useful when planning and designing your baby’s room, and set everything ready and beautiful for the welcome.

Tips to decorate your baby’s room

  • Ideally, the baby’s room should have good lighting and ventilation. It must be a space where the temperature is optimal, avoiding freezing or heat according to the season.  If the room you have available for your child does not have these characteristics, try to make the possible modifications to get as close as possible to this ideal.
  • The lighting in a baby’s room should be soft.  Overhead light and indirect light should be preferred, avoid fluorescent tubes and halogen lights.  The main premise is to seize   as much as possible the natural light in the room.
  • Choose a good wallpaper or colours for the wall. The background is everything, the style you want to give your nursery will depend on it. You can opt for classic options with a tendency towards minimalism, such as calm colours and pastels, or go for a risky option and pick a wallpaper with drawings or make a mural with children’s figures directly on the wall.
  • It is advisable to use washable paints or wallpapers, since as the baby grows, it is likely that he can stain or draw on the walls. In addition, this point is important to facilitate the maintenance of the hygiene of the child’s space.
  • Whether you give a feminine, masculine or gender-neutral design, it is recommended to select calm colours that encourage rest and relaxation.
  • Babies spend a lot of time lying down looking up, so it is highly recommended that you place a stimulating mobile pendant on their crib. This helps the baby to be entertained and to develop his attention and cognition.
  • If you are a practical person, it might be a great idea to look for a functional crib. Many come prepared to become a bed when the child grows. This kind of furniture is called “Grow With Me Furniture”.  There are other options that at the same time as cribs are useful furniture where you can store blankets, diapers and other child’s belongings.
  • You can highlight the crib by giving it a frame. Using wallpaper or a different shade of paint, you can create a rectangle or square on the wall where you will place the crib. This will create a great impact and will highlight the crib area above the rest of the room.
  • Create a space to share. You will spend a lot of time in your baby’s room, so it is a great idea to create a special space for moments together. A corner with an armchair or rocking chair can be accompanied by a lamp and a small table. Warm and soft colours will make this space a place of connection and relaxation.
  • You can warm up the nursery by adding a nice textured rug and matching curtains.

Using all these ideas and recommendations in combination with your personal touch and creativity, you will be able to create the best space to enjoy with the new member of the family.


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