What is Fine Art Photography?


Photography is the technique of recording images using the light properties on sensitive surfaces. In fact, the word comes from the Greek, and it literally means ‘drawing with the light’. 

This process of capturing images was originally realised in light sensitive film. Now with the advances of technology it can be done with a digital electronic or a magnetic memory.

Photography has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1839 when Louis Daguerre developed the first commercially available photographic process that photography became what we know as an art form today. The invention of film cameras gave way to an era where people could photograph everyday life; bring back pictures they captured on their travels; tell stories through imagery or document history for future generations to see. 

So the photography communicates messages through images and immortalises moments.

Is Photography an Art?


Yes, photography is considered an art. This is so since the technology advances allowed professional photographers to manipulate the images they obtained with their cameras. So photography is no longer a simple technique of capturing an image. Photography is used to communicate messages, to protest, to create awareness and to express the deepest feelings. 

Just like a painter, a photographer is capable of expressing himself creatively using his camera and his imagination. So definitively, photography is art.

Types of Photography Art


What is Fine-Art Photography?

Fine art photography is photography created by an artist. This style of photography is made basically for the aesthetic qualities. The concept and the idea behind the image goes beyond what we can see with our eyes. This kind of photography, as every way of artistic expression, is pointed to leave a mark in its audience.

Nowadays, everyone can take a picture, however, making fine art photography requires much more than just photography skills. It takes an artistic vision and a deep connection with the inner  thoughts  and feelings.

Besides, fine-art photography isn’t created for commercial purposes, it’s much more than that, it’s a mode of expression. Fine art photography uses the same principles and elements as other art forms as sculpture or painting.

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