Types of Picture Frames


Picture frames or paintings are a way to give the final touch to the artistic piece. There is a wide variety of frame options that will allow us to combine them correctly with the piece of which they will be part to enhance and highlight its beauty. In addition, a frame does not only serve a decorative purpose, but also protects the photograph or painting from normal damage due to the time.

With so many frame options, it is very important to choose them correctly, because if we do it wrong, we can overshadow the beauty of the photograph or artwork.

General aspects of the frames

In general, wooden frames are the most popular in terms of construction material. The colours are generally the wood colour and black, the most used. It is always essential not to choose the main colour of the work for the frame, this would take away the strength of the photography or painting. In cases of black and white works, it is recommended to use these two colours, the one that has less proportion in the work to be framed.


There are two possible shapes when we talk about frames:

Rectangular Frame:

This is the most used in photographs, since it generates a feeling of balance. It can be adapted to all kinds of works by varying its size.

Square Frame:

This is the most used in paintings. The advantage of square frames is that they focus attention on one point and prevent the view from being distracted.

The painting itself can be covered either with ordinary glass, anti-reflection glass, or museum glass. This last option is the most expensive of the three, but the only one that can protect the photograph or artwork from UV rays.

An inexpensive alternative to this option is acrylic, which also protects against UV rays and is unbreakable, although it can be scratched.

Most common types of frames

  • Modern frames: They tend to have very fine edges to give the work greater prominence. They are minimalist in style, generally made of metal and with a wide variety of colours to choose from.

  • Gallery frames: They have a more classic but sophisticated style at the same time. These types of frames are typically used in fine art galleries.

  • Wooden frames: These are a type of classic frames, in general they are useful to give warmth to the work or photography or to use as a complement in a rustic decoration.

  • Deep frames: This type of frame is characterised by having the background deeper than the edges, this generates a visual effect that captures the attention. It is very good for photos or landscape works.

  • Floating frames: Another very peculiar style. In this case, the bottom of the frame leaves a space between the edges. It gives the feeling that the photo or painting is floating in the air. Generates a great effect of depth and dimension.

  • Borderless: In this case, the work or photograph is printed or pasted occupying the entire surface of the frame, making it appear that it does not exist. Very interesting to give a personal and different touch to the photographs.

  • Golden frames: Classic and old style, derived from the baroque style. The frame itself is also a work of art. It brings elegance and style to the accompanying photography or painting.

  • Table frames: These, unlike the others, are the classic ones for portraits, they have a foot that allows them to stand firm. They do not go on the wall, but on a table or shelf.

This is all the basics you need to know about the types of photo frames, but as always it is your own taste and style that will make the final decision. By following and respecting some simple tips that we have mentioned, the options will be as endless as imagination.

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